Hi! I'm Lucas, and you're not (probably) 😝

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Lucas Leal

Solving human problems with software and education.

CEO at @ukecifras.

A Fullstack Web Developer

Describing myself can be a challenging task, but not for the reasons you might expect. I have experience as a software developer across different platforms, being an entrepreneur with a drive for innovation, a content creator who seeks to inspire, a dedicated promoter of free software, an educator passionate about sharing knowledge, and an individual who doesn't easily conform to societal norms. It's important to note that I am also a Christian, and my faith revolves around the belief that God is infinitely merciful and loving above all things. This belief shapes my perspective and influences how I approach my work and interactions with others as everything I do is for Him. I find immense joy in guiding and inspiring others, knowing that love and compassion are at the core of everything I do.

Ellegant CSS Framework πŸ”—

Ellegant is a CSS framework that aims to provide user interaction with very little or no Javascript at all.
With inputs and labels, Ellegant targets elements providing a fast and clean user experience even on low-end mobile devices.
You can see examples and learn how to contribute at the Ellegant framework website.

Coolfee JS Platform πŸ”—

Coolfee (it reads coffee) is a user-friendly web application designed to enhance the JavaScript learning experience.
The platform offers a seamless environment where teachers and students can effortlessly create tests and code using only the web browser.
You can see it in action at Coolfee platform.

Ukecifras ukulele chords πŸ”—

Ukecifras is a remarkable website dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform for ukulele enthusiasts of all skill levels.
Along the website, Ukecifras has a PWA application, which allows users to download chords and play anywhere even without internet access.
With its wealth of features and resources, Ukecifras has become an invaluable hub for anyone looking to learn, practice, or explore the world of ukulele.
You can see it in action at Ukecifras website.

How to find me

Usually you may find me in a couch, watching some TV shows and movies, playing some games or creating a new development solution.
In addition to that, you may reach me at Twitter or send me an e-mail πŸ˜‰.